A good film is nice but a good film with amazing aesthetics is fantastic. Two of my favorite films do not only have a special storyline but are also beautiful in terms of colors and atmosphere. 

grand budapest

#1 The Grand Budapest Hotel
If you watch the trailer for this film you will immediately notice how symmetrical, pink and bright all the shots are. The Hotel (in which the stoy takes place) is a piece of aestheticcaly prettieness in itself. Unfortunetley it does not exist in real life. A lot of the scenery in this movie is made using miniature maquettes. If you have not watched this movie you have to! It is so well made and special; I have never seen anything like it.

eternal sunshine

#2 Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind
The colorscheme of this films seems to be entirely adjusted to the hair of Clementine (one of the main characters). Her hair changes from green to red to blue. The film has a bit of a retro vibe due to the messy and rapid style of shooting and editing, which I love. Oh and another reason to watch it; Clementine is one of the only people ever who looks good in early 2000’s fashion (She is one of my style icons). This film is one of my favorites so you should definetely watch it!

Anyone of you also tend to like a film more if it is aesthetically pleasing? And do you have any recommandations?Because I would love to hear them!

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