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6I am back from a two-week trip around Sweden! It were two lovely weeks and there will soon be more about it online. For now, some outfit pictures I made while in Idre. The T-Shirt is from the tourists-shop of a predators park and I love the vintage vibe it gives the outfit. Especially combined with the mom jeans and round glasses it seems like I just walked out of the 90’s.

4IMG_0162 5 7IMG_0167 8 IMG_0155 IMG_0163 IMG_01692T-Shirt Orsa Bearpark // Jeans Pull & Bear // Sneakers Nike // Glasses H&M // Belt Unknown // Necklace selfmade // Bracelet Unknown // Ugly bracelet from the camping…

Tomorrow I will leave to Woerden for a three-day introduction to my new study peers. And next week I have EL CID, the introduction week in Leiden, with all students. I am looking forward to meeting new people and all the fun stuff! At the same time, I am still looking for a room in Leiden because I want to move out of my parents house before my study starts. Anyhow, I won’t bother you any longer with tales about my life, do let me know what you think of my outfit it the comments. Have any of you guys ever been to Sweden?

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After trying lenses for quite some time I was completely done with them. They itched, I would always forget to put them in or get them out and I would loose them all the time. Now, my discomfort is over forever because I got glasses! I don’t have to wear them all the time but they can come in handy for driving lessons, watching television, 3D movies or for next year in big lecture rooms.  Continue Reading



42I have been wanting to buy this skirt for a while and now that I finally did; here are some outfit pics I took while wearing it!

56IMG_73838IMG_7278IMG_7384IMG_7280 IMG_7387


Skirt Reclaimed Vintage (via ASOS) // Top Primark // Sandals Primark // Necklace Brandy Melville

I had been eyeing this skirt on ASOS for a while now and I finally decided to buy it. It is this pink skirt made of patent leather, which looks a bit like thick latex. It is however a lot more structured. Never before had I seen something like this. It is amazing paired with all sorts of fabric; leather, wool, but also just a basic t-shirt like I’m wearing in these photos. Also; it is pink, which is, along with orange, my favorite color ever. So I knew I had to get it. I wore this outfit to the birthday of a friend. The dress code was ‘festive’, which is, of course, broadly interpretable. I love how people interpret things like that differently, it is just very funny. I had a really fun time dancing and talking and laughing at the party.

Unfortunately, there is no more partying for me now that my exams have started. I have five (!) subjects next week so I’d better get started on them. Do let me know what you think of the outfit!

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2I love vintage. If you know me even the slightest bit you will know that about me. In this post I will show you three items I recently bought/received that I love!

IMG_6818IMG_6878First up, this beautiful jewelry set from Lucardi. When they asked me if I would like to receive a set of their new jewelry I could not resist. And yes, I know this is not ‘real vintage’ but it does give me that old, expensive vibe that vintage jewelry has. I really enjoy Lucardi’s jewelry and I always pay them a visit in Hilversum when I go shopping there. Tip: take a look at the stuff they have for mothers day!

1Secondly (and thirdly), these two cool shirts I bought at Vintage per Kilo last Sunday. It seems the event gets more and more popular and although I really enjoy the concept, I don’t like how busy it was. I hate saying this but (as me and my friend said to each other): “we were there before it was cool” (lol). I don’t think I will be going next time. BUT I do love these two shirts I bought for only €7,-. They both have a bit of a sporty feel to them. Imagine them with some high-waisted shorts, Nike Air Force and hair in a high ponytail; perfect for some easy summer days.

Do you also love the vintage look? What is your favorite era? Mines are the sixties or the nineties.

NOTE: part of this post was in collaboration with a brand. I will never collaborate with a company or recommend something if I don't sincerely like it. 
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ririIn honor of Rihanna’s album ANTI, which is amazing, here is some next-level fashion inspiration from badgirl RiRi! Rihanna is one of my style icons. She combines (90’s) street wear, chic and sexiness in a unique way. Every outfit just screams coolness! And while reading this you should listen to ANTI because it is amazing. Continue Reading