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De Stijl in Leiden

If you’ve been to any big Dutch city in the last month you will have noticed that Mondriaan/De Stijl-art is used to decorate stations, café’s, ponds, walls and everything else you can think of. That is because De Stijl exists a 100 years! In my hometown, Leiden, twenty contemporary artists were asked to show their art inspired by De Stijl. Me and Juno went to look at their work and made some pictures for you to see.

What is the Stijl exactly? Everyone knows the famous works of Piet Mondriaan. Squares, in the primary colours, on basic white canvas, or Gerrit Rietveld’s chair. And if you are even the littlest bit interested in art, you will know they were a part of De Stijl-movement. But what was that movement all about exactly? The Dutch movement, started in the 1920’s, in Leiden, wanted a radical change in art. They found the existing art not contemporary enough and wanted it to reflect the changes in society. Art had to be as simple as possible and the colours used had tot be the primary colours; red, blue and yellow. These rules were applied not only on paintings, but also in architecture, graphic design etc.

In Leiden 20 artists show of their work, inspired by De Stijl but with a modern twist, at the Pieterschurch in Leiden. Here are some pictures I took!

Let me know what you think!

Note: I want to pick up blogging again because I really miss it. But it might be a rocky start so bear with me while I try to find an uploading schedule that works for me.
ART Expositions



“Barely Legal – I want to meet my true love, for cheap casual sex”

Since the 18th of June the Banksy exposition is open for visitors in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. Long anticipated (which art-loving person hasn’t clicked ‘interested’ in the facebook event?) and hyped up by almost every relevant news outlet, it is finally here. After stalking every one of my art class peers, I finally found someone to got with. Romy, or Ronny as I call her, was willing to accompany me to Amsterdam. And so we took the train last Wednesday to see if the expo would meet our expectations. Continue Reading