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In this sketch I drew what my creative workspace looks like. It is basically a desk in my room so it is not very big. Nevertheless, it inspires me enough to pick up my markers and a fresh set of paper and make some new art. In this article I want to give you a few tips on how to make the most of your creative workspace.

Nothing is more annoying than having an idea of something you want to create (whether that’s a drawing, some DIY or something written) and not having the means to do so. The most important rule to being creative/productive is having the things you need within arms reach. I did this by having my drawing stash in a basket next to my desk. It contains paper, some inspirational little scrapbooks, paint, my markers and a lot more (In the drawing you can see what else is in there). That way, I can go and start a drawing at any time and put it away again easily. Also very important if you make a basket like mine: make sure it is open in some way. If you put your things in a closed box, you are less likely to reach for them. I am constantly reminded of my love for drawing by looking at my basket. Also a plus point; it looks quite cute when you can see all the stuff sitting in there together.
Having a view is also a must for me. I have my desk facing the window so I can look outside and get some fresh air at the same time. Even if you live in the most boring neighbourhood, looking outside can give you inspiration. It is just a lot nicer than facing a wall, in my opinion. Furthermore, you should keep the desk itself as clear as possible. I have one open box on the side of my desk where I keep some ‘to do’ things and art projects that are a work-in-progress. Again; keeping them in view reminds me that they exist, which makes me do them faster.
The number one tip I would give to all creative people out there; have a set of memo’s on your desk. And I don’t mean the sticky notes but just clear (or colorful, like mine), small sheets of paper. When I have an idea for a blog post, I write it on a note. When I have an idea for a drawing, I make a quick doodle of it on there. When I think of something I still have to do; I use a note. These notes go in my open box and I can organize them later. This way of working works best for me, especially with drawings.

These were just a few tips that will help you with being more productive in your creative workspace. Do let me know what you thought of them! Also, let me know if you like it when I illustrate my articles myself or if you prefer photos (or maybe a combination of both?).