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img_0836Two weekends ago I had a little reunion with some people from my old art class. We decided to go see the Jean Tinguely exposition in Stedelijk Museum. In this post I’ll share my thoughts on the expo and some photos of our day.

img_0756img_0783img_0791img_0828img_0792 1img_0752 2We first had a nice lunch on Museumplein. The weather was surprisingly nice so we could just chill outside in the sun. Probably the last day of this year that was possible so I’m glad we made good use of it. Β It was fun catching up with everyone, soe of whom I hadn’t seen in months. We even had so much ‘fun in the sun’ that it took us a while to get up and go to the actual museum. Why is it always great weather when you go do an activity that is inside and vise versa? In the end we said goodbye to the sun and went to the museum.

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First; the Jean Tinguely exposition. I have to say it was hard capturing this expo in photos because most of his works are all about movement. Which is the first reason you will have to go and visit yourself. The second reason is that his work is not only very special and impressive, it is also fun. You get to start the movement of the installations yourself by press on a button (and who doesn’t like pressing a button). My favorite piece was the big black and white one, which actually looked like it was done with a projection instead of an actual ‘machine’.

5 3img_0867img_0877img_0878img_0880

The rest of the museum was also a lot of fun. Although a big part of it is a permanent collection, there still are new things to see every time you visit. Another reason to visit is that it is free if you are eighteen or younger. And if you are not, it still is very affordable. You can find more info on the exposition on the website of Stedelijk Museum (click). Would you like to visit?

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    16/11/2016 at 4:38 pm

    AAAah! Het is dat ik dit weekend al vol gepland heb staan, anders had ik graag het museum een bezoekje gebracht om met mijn eigen ogen de tentoonstelling te zien! Je hebt me geinspireerd! Haha! Super mooie foto’s trouwens! Je hebt duidelijk oog voor detail! x

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