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A new year for everyone is twice as much a new year for me; on the 2nd of January I was born. Not only is it now 2017, I am also alive for 19 (!) years already. Here is a little flashback of 2017/my 19th year on this earth, in Polaroid pictures!

I started my year by celebrating New Years Eve with my best friends. We spent te night at three different locations, trying to see which was the most fun (1). Then, on the 2nd of January, I turned 18 and celebrated with my friends, going out and being happy (2). I also had a lot of evening just chilling with friends, cooking together, making pictures and basically just enjoying each others company. This picture was taken when we ate together at a friend’s house (3).

When my friend Sophie turned 18, her mother arranged for a limousine (!) to take us to the bar, complete with champagne and music aboard. It was such a lovely surprise! Unfortunately my Polaroid camera did not want to work with me so I had to write ‘limo’ underneath the right photo just so I would know what was supposed to be on it. This was such a fun night as well! (4/5)

Flash forward to the end of my school year, where we had a big ‘stunt’ at our school. The theme was ‘larp’ so everybody was dressed as princes and elves and trolls, it was hilarious. Again;  my camera was being stupid which is the reason I made to pictures that are almost te same (6/7). The right photo is of my baby Woody just being cute as always (8).

After I had passed my exams, I went to Chersonnisos with twelve friends. Our whole school year went and stayed at the same apartment, which was a fun end of my high school. On the left you see the whole group (9) and on the right you see my besties and I, in our little apartment (10). This was such an amazing week, full of laughing, drinking, dancing, swimming and sunbathing!

Then it was Kiki’s birthday, she also turned 18. I made these three pictures at her birthday, which was a lot of fun! On the left you see everyone (11), in the middle it’s an ugly selfie of me and Cas (12), and right the birthday girl (13).

The summer was full of fun things. Including the annual tennis club tourney, where me and a friend where team captains of a team full of cute kids (14). Also two friends gave a big birthday party with swimming pool (15). One of the best experiences of the year was going to Sweden with my family! We saw a lot of wild reindeers, such as this one (16).

These pictures were taking when my friends were all back from holiday and we went out again after a long time. We made cocktails and catched up on what we did all summer long! (17/18)

And then it was time for something completely new; my life as a student in Leiden! I started my study ‘International Relations and Organisations’ at Leiden University, moved out of my parents house and became a member of a ‘studentenvereniging’; Augustinus. Here I met so many amazing new people. First we had to find our own ‘cordial’ (which is a group of friends you do everything with that is associated with your club). This was hard and fun at the same time (19). In the end it worked out because I now have the most amazing group of friends I could ever wish for! We do so many fun things together, such as celebrating Sinterklaas (20). On the right you see me and two fiends in a picture that is  a little bit overexposed (read; a lot). Here we were in Brussel for two days with our study and we had the best time! (21)The last two pictures I took this year were of me celebrating Sinterklaas with my friends (22) and my family (23). We always make surprises and poems for each other which is a lot of work. But is really is worth it in the end because it makes everything a lot more personal!

These were all the Polaroid pictures I took this year. Of course I had a lot more fun experiences but I don’t always have my Polaroid with me. yet I still think most of my highlights are included in this post! I had an amazing year and I hope you all had that as well. Wishing you all an inspiring, creative and most of all FUN 2017!

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  • Reply
    Marion Zutphen
    05/01/2017 at 6:32 pm

    zooo leuk die foto’s. Zo’n leuk sfeertje!

  • Reply
    Florence Wijnen
    05/01/2017 at 6:36 pm

    Super leuke polaroids! Ikzelf heb ook een polaroid camera, maar gebruik die veel te weinig :(

  • Reply
    06/01/2017 at 11:39 am

    Ahh dit is zo’n leuke manier om terug te kijken op je jaar! Superleuke foto’s ook, een heerlijk sfeertje!

  • Reply
    06/01/2017 at 3:53 pm

    Echt lijk om zo een overzichtje van je jaar te hebben! Gefeliciteerd nog :)

  • Reply
    06/01/2017 at 4:23 pm

    Aaah zoo leuk! Ik wou dat ik meer foto’s met mijn polaroid camera maakte, maar telkens vergeet ik het.

  • Reply
    07/01/2017 at 7:33 am

    Zooo leuk dit! Nu wil ik ook graag een polaroid camera, haha. En woehoee gefeliciteeerd! :)

  • Reply
    08/01/2017 at 11:24 am

    ontzettend leuk al die polaroids ! en nog van harte gefeliciteerd !
    xx Ish

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