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December 2016



The ‘Twelve Days Of Christmas’ became reality in the Floating Christmas Market on the ‘Nieuwe Rijn’ in Leiden, that lasted (you guessed it) for twelve days. Here are some photos so you can have a taste of the lovely atmosphere!

Lots of food, friends, and… food (again). We had an amazing afternoon because we were done with the exams. Unfortunately the market is closing tomorrow, but for those currently in Leiden; go take a look! I for one, am already looking forward to next year. For now, I wish you al a happy new year and anΒ amazing NYE! I’m celebrating with friends at a party in Delft, what are you doing? Let me know!


p.s. I know this isn’t the most elaborate post of the year but just w a i t till January because I have some fun things coming ;)