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September 2016



img_8446I don’t normally post personal updates on here but in the last two weeks so much has changed in my life that it would be the longest Instagram description ever. So here is a life-update in the form of ย ‘ten things that changed in my life’.

Since two weeks I have moved out of my parents home. I now have a room in Leiden! I live with seven people in the centre of the city. My room is almost done (I only have to figure out how I’m going to lift a couch up the stairs) and when it is I will do a room tour, of course. For now; If you are a blogger and live in/near Leiden and want to make outfit picture sometime, let me know!

I am now officially a student IBO (International Relations and Organisations). For what I know from the two weeks I followed courses, I think I made the right choice. The topics are very interesting and also relevant. All the same, I’m still figuring out how to balance the studying with all the fun things being a student comes with. Hopefully I will figure it all out soon!

I joined a commission in my study club (studievereniging), the commission Facilities. This commission organises all the parties and other ‘informal’ activities. I am looking forward to all the fun things I will help organize this year, the first one is next Tuesday.

I also joined Augustinus, a student association (studentenvereniging). I had the ‘ontgroening’ and am now officially a member! Now we have a lot of fun activities like a ‘kroegentocht’ or eating together, in order to get to know all the other new members (sjaars) and form a cordial. It costs a lot of time (and money) but I think it’s more than worth it.

It is insane how quickly you meet new people when you start your student life. Going into it I was a bit afraid because I did not know anyone who was going to do the same study/join Augustinus but that fear was completely misplaced. You meet new people everywhere. The intro-weekย your study, the ‘clubs’ you join, going out, doing sports and of course if you move out your new roomies. Everyone is new and looking to meet new and fun people, which makes that you make friends very easily!

The biggest struggle, for me, is to manage my time. I have almost every moment of my day planned full and in the spare time I have, I have to read for my study, clean my room or eat/sleep. It is al quite hectic but I think/hope that the only way to figure out how to plan everything is by experiencing what works and what does not.

I am not yet working but I did apply for a job, working in a cute store in Leiden. I will hear more about that soon so I’ll keep you posted.

Living on my own proved once more how clumsy/inexperienced I am. You will have to think of so many little things (like buying lunch bags for instance, because other wise you have nothing to transport you lunch in) and have to do everything yourself. Luckily I have awesome peopleย I live with and we can team up with cooking and cleaning.

I am officially a poor student. My first student loan comes in towards the end of this month and I am looking forward to it (very much). It is insane how often I have said ‘that’s to expensive’ in the last two weeks. After I bought these amazing boots three weeks ago, I now have a stop on shopping for a while. Of course, it is all the most expensive in the beginning when you have to figure everything, buy study materials and pay for your introduction weeks. I hope it will all be more doable in a while!

Wow, heavy shit. No I’m still me but I can honestly say that I feel happier, cooler (I have my own room, omg) and more independent than ever. And those are all great feelings. I’d encourage everyone to live your life as a student in full effect. Join every club, meet every person and have the best time! That is what my idea is.

So, I hope you can all understand why I do not have that much time for blogging, or reading blogs for that matter. However, I still love doing this so I will find a way to pick up the frequent blogging again. Do you study somewhere? And did you join a ‘studentenvereniging’? Let me know in the comments!

p.s: this photo is not relevant to the post but I did not have anything else, so yeah deal with it (insert emoji with sunglasses)