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August 2016



I went to Sweden and it was very, very pretty. Also, I’m not going to write a detailed travel-diary type because a) I think the pictures speak for themselves, b) It will probably be too long so no-one is going to read the whole thing and c) I’m just too lazy. So here it is: Sweden in 30 pictures.

GÖTENBURG + TYNGSJÖ or, visiting the botanical garden and chilling and hiking in the middle of nowhere.

IMG_9608 IMG_9619 IMG_9633 IMG_9687IMG_9809ORSA or, visiting a predator park with amazing views and learning how the famous Dala horses are made.

IMG_0004 IMG_0005 IMG_0006 IMG_0014 IMG_0023 1 IMG_0068118IMG_986312IDRE or, seeing a lot of reindeers in the wild and moose in a park (because we couldn’t find any). Also some pretty views from our late-nights driving around searching for wild animals. And (yes we did a lot in Idre), the largest waterfall of Sweden.

IMG_0116IMG_0122IMG_0275 IMG_0270 IMG_0274IMG_0334IMG_0326 IMG_02102OSLO or, I love this city but we were there for only three hours. All the same it was amazing. Oh and I’m aware Oslo is in Norway, it was just that we took the boat back from there.

7 6 IMG_0442 IMG_045314 IMG_0496IMG_9573

To those of your who were very excited to read every detail about my trip; I’m very sorry. To those who are, like me, quite busy with starting school again (maybe even a new study); I know you don’t have much time on your hands so you are very welcome. I hope you got the ‘vibe’ of Sweden with these pictures. Let me know in a comment; have you ever been to Sweden?



6I am back from a two-week trip around Sweden! It were two lovely weeks and there will soon be more about it online. For now, some outfit pictures I made while in Idre. The T-Shirt is from the tourists-shop of a predators park and I love the vintage vibe it gives the outfit. Especially combined with the mom jeans and round glasses it seems like I just walked out of the 90’s.

4IMG_0162 5 7IMG_0167 8 IMG_0155 IMG_0163 IMG_01692T-Shirt Orsa Bearpark // Jeans Pull & Bear // Sneakers Nike // Glasses H&M // Belt Unknown // Necklace selfmade // Bracelet Unknown // Ugly bracelet from the camping…

Tomorrow I will leave to Woerden for a three-day introduction to my new study peers. And next week I have EL CID, the introduction week in Leiden, with all students. I am looking forward to meeting new people and all the fun stuff! At the same time, I am still looking for a room in Leiden because I want to move out of my parents house before my study starts. Anyhow, I won’t bother you any longer with tales about my life, do let me know what you think of my outfit it the comments. Have any of you guys ever been to Sweden?