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July 2016



hipsterAs I was voted ‘The Biggest Hipster’ in my schools yearbook, I am now more than happy to tell you all how to claim this position as well. In ten simple steps.

  1. HAVE A BLOG; and more importantly make sure everyone knows you have a blog.
  2. WEAR CRAZY SHIT; thrifted, oversized and childish items work best!
  3. MAKE ART; preferably in cute-looking notebooks and with fancy materials.
  4. TAKE PICTURES; A lot of them. Make sure you are the one people go to when they want a new profile picture. It is even better if you have an analog or polaroid camera!
  5. INSTAGRAM ALL THE THINGS; Make sure you have an artsy feed, it is even better to have a separate ‘artsy’ account.
  6. DON’T WEAR WHAT ANYBODY ELSE IS WEARING; You don’t want to be on trend, you want to set te trend!
  7. LISTEN TO COOL MUSIC; If you want to be the biggest hipster, make sure to listen to some alternative bands or hiphop/r&b artists that only people with good music taste have heard of.
  8. HAVE A CAT; And, again, take pretty pictures of it.
  9. READ A LOT; especially English literature, things about philosophy and (old) books with pretty covers.
  10. NEVER CALL YOURSELF A HIPSTER; because that would be the most non-hipster thing to do!

I hope you can all become the biggest hipster in you part of town now, good luck!

Ps: Do take this article with a grain of salt, it is supposed to be funny self-mockery (I know, I tried)


VIDEO: 48h in Paris

Last Monday I was in Paris for two days with two friends. Here a short video to give you an idea of how awesome it was. A more diary/hotspot post with pictures will follow! Have you ever been to Paris?



IMG_8417I found the ultimate giftshop in Amsterdam! Cute cards, notebooks, games and coocking accesoires; you will always find something you like here. Although the shop is a bit expensive, it is perfect if you’re looking for a special gift for someone.Β BPD, short for ‘By Popular Demand’ is located at Raadhuisstraat 2 in the centre of Amsterdam. It is actually miraculous that I’ve never been there before, since it is not that hard to find. I visited the shop with Romy, after we went to the Banksy exposition. In this post some pictures so you can get an idea of what ‘BPD’ looks like.Β  Continue Reading

ART Expositions



“Barely Legal – I want to meet my true love, for cheap casual sex”

Since the 18th of June the Banksy exposition is open for visitors in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. Long anticipated (which art-loving person hasn’t clicked ‘interested’ in the facebook event?) and hyped up by almost every relevant news outlet, it is finally here. After stalking every one of my art class peers, I finally found someone to got with. Romy, or Ronny as I call her, was willing to accompany me to Amsterdam. And so we took the train last Wednesday to see if the expo would meet our expectations. Continue Reading