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Finally I made some outfit pictures! I am still in love with this jacket. For those of who you might have gotten sick of seeing it (on my Instagram, blog and the picture in the sidebar); I don’t really care (badasss). The ‘necklace’ is literally that: a lace around my neck, tied in the back. Sometimes you just have to get creative and you can save money by doing so! I felt really happy in this outfit. I think it is mostly because yellow is such a happy colour and because I got to wear my new sneakers! I bought them of ASOS, which is always a bit tricky because you never know for sure that you got the right size. However, they fit me like a glove (can you even say that about shoes?).

It did however take me some time to decide on getting them. And by that I mean half a year of hesitating. I don’t know what it is with me: I just can’t make decisions. It doesn’t matter if it is about little things like ‘Should I wear my hair up or down’ or about the purchase of some very expensive sneakers. But the choice that pressures me the most is what study I should do next year. I have only a month left and I just can’t make up my mind. I like too many things. Right now my plan is to do Political Science in Leiden but I also really like the WDKA in Rotterdam. Other options I’m still considering are something Media-orientated or Philosophy. I have only a month left to decide and it’s constantly in the back of my mind. But I really have to find some time to think about it in-between organising the ‘Stunt’ for my final year of high school, preparing for exams and planning my summer holiday. But I’ll find a way because everything is possible if you try hard enough (cheesy I know, but also very true). What big decisions do you have to make right know?

Listening to: Zayn’s album Mind Of Mine and Kendricks untitled unmastered
Reading: Beware of Pity by Stefan Zweig
Watching: House of Cards
Wanting: This skirt from ASOS and these heels from ZARA



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A bit late but these were the songs I loved in February. From left to right and form the top to the bottom:

Beware – Big Sean Chilled hip hop song for the start of your weekend
Kaleidoscope Love (Kaytranada Edition) – AlunaGeorge Amazing beat, perfect to get you in the going-out mood
Do it Right – Anne-Marie Fresh electronic pop, love ittttt!

Everyday – A$AP Rocky Chilled hip hop again, I love everything about this song
Sandra’s Smile – Blood Orange R&B with all the feels, and a strong message
As Crazy As It Is – Zhu Electronic House, a song to make you feel the summer 

Retro [Rough] – Childisch Gambino Just a very happy summer song
Jungle – Drake Relaxed hip-hop an all-time favourite of mine
Sunburnt Through the Glass – PREP Pop that I actually like, mostly because of the tropical vibe to it

Yoga – Janelle Monáe Everything from Janelle Monáe is amazing but this a bit more up-tempo
Paradise (feat. Badbadnotgood & Sean Leon) – Daniel Ceasar Beautiful dreamy song
Consideration – Rihanna Her new album ANTI is amazing as a whole but this song is my favorite at the moment


ART Photography


IMG_5373 mama2IMG_5330

My mom doesn’t really wear much make-up. When in a rush she only puts a small line above her eye with eyepencil and maybe some mascara. Other times, she might wear some lipstick, eyeshadow and blush but that is it. I decided to do her make-up and take some photos. This is quite a list and I definetely do not wear all of this everyday but when I have the time and feel like it this is the look I am most likely to wear. Disclaimer: I am in no way a make-up expert but I do like doing it!

Allround Concealer – Catrice
Mattifying CompactPpowder [04 – perfect beige]  – Catrice

Silky Touch Blush [20 Babydoll] – Essence
Sun Glow matt bronzing powder [020 deep bronze] – Catrice

Eyebrow Designer [02 Brown] – Essence
UNDRESSED Eyeshadow Palette [Shade 3] – MUA
UNDRESSED Eyeshadow Palette [Shade 5] – MUA

UNDRESSED Eyeshadow Palette [Shade 1] – MUA
UNDRESSED Eyeshadow Palette [Shade 4] – MUA
UNDRESSED Eyeshadow Palette [Shade 9] – MUA
The Colossal Volum’Express Mascara – Maybelline
Le Volume De Chanel Mascara [10 Noir] – Chanel

Lip Pencil [Subculture] – M.A.C
Lustre Lipstick [27 Velvet Teddy] – M.A.C

 What do you think of the result?

ART Photography



6I took some photos of my friend Sophie this week. She turned 18 on friday (yay!) and we celebrated by going out with a group of friends. I really like the vibe of these pictures. We were lucky that the sun was shining and decided to do some shots playing with the shadows. They turned out quite nice in my opinion. What do you think of the photos?




FASHION Outfits Shopping


IMG_5022I never really look at pants while shopping vintage because you have to try them on. But while looking through the racks my eye fell on this amazing pair of mom jeans. Light blue and bedazzled with glitters it screams 90’s. So of course I decided to try them on. They fitted me like a glove! (which is quite rare with vintage stuff).

2IMG_5096IMG_5037Blue Top Vintage per Kilo // White Top Primark // Jeans Vintage per Kilo // Necklaces made by a friend (see @ceelotblog on instagram) // Boots Dr. Martens

Last Saturday I went vintage shopping with two friends at the Vitage per Kilo event in Amsterdam. I took home this amazing pair of vintage jeans, a long silk skirt and an Hawaiian blouse. I only payed €17,- for these three items. Although I did not find a lot of stuff I will most definitely go again next time. The whole atmosphere at these events is amazing: happy music, happy people and crazy clothing. What more do you want in life?

I might make some holes in the knees because right know they are a bit too plump-looking on me. Oh, and the cute necklaces I’m wearing are made by a friend of mine. If you are interested in owning one, you should follow me on instagram (@ceelotblog) because she is going to create an account and sell them on there. When the account is online I will post about it on my Instagram!

What do you think of these crazy jeans?