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February 2016

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A mini-guide to vintage shopping. The questions Why, Where and How will be answered!

Why vintage
I think at least one quarter of my wardrobe is vintage. I love how you can find something very different and unique that nobody else has. Every piece has it’s own story and, however cliché it may sound, that idea appeals to me. Who wore it before you? How did the previous owner wear it? Why and how did it end up at a vintage shop? Another thing I like about vintage shopping is that it is a bit like treasure hunting. It is an amazing feeling to find something you really like in a pile of rubish. Looking through all the clothes is hard work but in the end it pays of.

IMG_4430Where to shop
I buy vintage stuff all the time. It just saves you a lot of money and you can still look cute. Most of the stuff I have that is vintage is either from a vintage shop, a flea market of from a vintage event. One of my favorite events to shop vintage at is Vintage per Kilo (Not sponsored I just really like it). As the name says, here you can shop your vintage and pay per kilo (€10-€15 per kilo). There is a Vintage per Kilo event on the 26th of February in Amsterdam that I will attend. If you like vintage shopping I would highly recommend having a look!

IMG_4404How to shop
First of all, it is very important to look through everything. Yes, this will take time but otherwise you might miss some nice pieces. Secondly, and also very important, is to be open minded. A lot of things I buy are somewhat horrific on their own but when paired int he right way, they a re actually quite awesome. Take the oversized blouse on the picture above for example. It has weird buttons, an assymetircal print, is oversized and has an arm lenght that isn’t really flattering. But I wear it over a black turtleneck sweater with some black skinny jeans and a leather jacket. And voila; it works! Thirdly you should not buy things because they are cheap. That is something I did in the past. You can buy a lot of stuff for little money but if you end up hardly wearing it, it is a waste.


Do you like vintage shopping? If you know any shops in Amsterdam please tell me so I can visit them when I go there. Oh and today is the last day to enter the giveaway so you can win Tony’s Chocolonely. Click here to enter!





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